Allright Rig 2.0.8 Released!

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Allright Rig 2.0.8  has been released for Unreal Engine 4.21, 4.22, 4.23.

Major Features

New: Generate ARR Anim Blueprint

Huge thank to Ilgar Lunin ! Now you can generate “Allright Rig” animation blueprint from skeleton using right mouse button context menu.

New: Controller Limits

New “Limits” structure lets you to limit controller location, rotation and scale.

Of course  you can set this parameter in Rig Tools window for every module and save it to preset.

Unfortunately right now you can not limit each rotation axis due to Unreal Engine quaternions. However you can lock the whole rotation of controller.

New: Controllers Prefix

Add prefix to all rig controllers.

Improvement: Force Rig Update

Sometimes, when you have very complicated rig with deep hierarchies and constraints you might notice delays on some controllers during playback or after baking animation to animation asset. “Force Update” property should fix those delays by running additional update iteration.

Overall tick system of the rig has been improved and now it is connected with constraints and animation offsets.

Release Notes


  • New: Limit controller location, rotation and scale.
  • New: Prefix for all rig controllers.

Rig Tools

  • New: Progress bar added for long procedures like baking etc.
  • Improvement: Support group positions for pose library.
  • Crash Fix: Crash when face rig is off and morph targets array is not empty or morph target controllers were ignored during creation of the rig.

Anim Tools

  • Crash Fix: Crash when saving level after deletion of the rig that has constraints.
  • Improvement: Constraints update system now connected to the rig update system in order to get rid of delays.
  • Crash Fix: Crash when drop actor without root component to the level.


  • New: Auto generate “Allright Rig” animation blueprint.

Allright Rig 2.0.7 Released!

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Allright Rig 2.0.7  has been released for Unreal Engine 4.20, 4.21, 4.22. Its been a while since last update but system now is significantly improved! Unfortunately, supporting of Unreal Engine versions that are lower than 4.20, became very complicated due to deep changes in sequencer API. However, Allright Rig will also be updated for older engine versions on popular demand.

Major Features

New: Anim Offset controller

“Anim Offset” tool gives you ability to create animation layers.

  1. Open sequencer and select controller or any actor that has animation in this sequencer.
  2.  Click “Create Anim Offset” button.
  3. Animate offset controller in sequencer.
  4. Use “Weight” parameter for “anim offset” influence.
  5. Enable “Override” mode if you need to override existing animation.
  6. Use “Bake Anim Offset” button to bake layered animation to target actor.
  7.  Use “Delete Anim Offset” button do delete anim offset controller.

New: FkIk Rig Module Improvements

New IK controller properties:

  • Stretch Scale – scales amount of stretch.
  • Stretch Softness – makes smooth transition to straight pose.
  • Pole Vector Lock – locks bone positions to pole vector position.
  • Three Bone Ik Bend – proportion of bend between first and second joints in “Three Bone IK”.

Create controllers for twist bones:

Toggle twist controllers visibility in FkIk controller:


New: Create “Custom Controller” From Socket Position

Now you can use sockets to specify position for custom controllers.

New: Controller Shape Position Offset

Shape Offset – adds offset to controller shape without changing the actual pivot position of controller.

New: Bake Animation Cycles To Rig

Now you can bake looped animation tracks to rig.

Release Notes


  • Bug Fix: Fixed normal maps problem on scaling of main controller by scaling rig actor instead of bones.
  • New: Added new properties to Ik controller: Stretch Scale, Stretch Softness, Pole Vector Lock, Three Bone Ik Bend.
  • New: Added controllers for twist bones.
  • New: Added “Show Twist Controller” property to FkIk controller.
  • Improvement: Two and three bone IK solver logic has been improved.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed toe controller position for non-stretchy IK.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed controllers jitter when using follow parent property in FK hierarchy rig.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed spline IK up vectors bug.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed 90 degrees flip for twist bones.
  • Bug Fix: Do not draw pole vector lines when game view is enabled.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed controller shape rotation on creation of rig.

Rig Tools

  • New: Create “Custom Controller” from Socket position.
  • Crash Fix: Resolved a crash on creation of rig with improper settings by improved “modular rig” data check.
  • Bug Fix: Resolved “duplicated frames” bug after baking to anim asset.
  • New: Added “Shape Offset” property to controller “Shape” structure.
  • Improvement: Allright Rig presets filtered from other files with extension “.sav”.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed baking of static morph target controllers to anim asset.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed scale of bones after baking to anim asset, if there was no scale keys for the corresponding controller in sequencer.
  • New:  Bake looped animation tracks to rig.
  • Improvement: After baking to rig, FkIk modules will be set to IK mode.

Anim Tools

  • Bug Fix: Fixed “select actors of class” feature.

Sequencer Tools

  • New: “Anim Offset” tool gives you ability to create animation layers.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed using of working area for “Simplify Curve” command.


  • New: Blueprint functions to set controller positions from skeletal mesh pose: PoseCustomControllers, PoseEyes, PoseEyelids, PoseMorphTargets, PoseFaceRig, PoseFkHierarchyRig, PoseThreeBoneIk, PoseTwoBoneIk, PoseTwistControllers, PoseFingers, PoseFoot, PoseFkIkRigs, PoseSplineIkRigs, PoseRig
  • New: TwoBoneIkOtp and ThreeBoneIkOpt blueprint functions for FkIk Rig module.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed GetAimAxis function result when Aim axis and Up axis are the same but have opposite directions.
  • New: GetBoneSocketTransform blueprint function gets transform of bone first if bone and socket share same names.
  • New: Added “Event Post Update Rig” to rig modular class  – runs right after rig was updated.


Allright Rig 2.0 Advanced Face Rig Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to create face rig with normal and displacement maps using Allright Rig 2.0.

Download Advanced Face Rig Project For UE 4.21

Allright Rig 2.0 FACS Based Facial Rig.

In this video Allright Rig plugin uses morph targets and textures from FACS based rig in order to get high quality production rig in realtime. This will help to make or edit believable animation of photo realistic characters in Unreal Engine 4.

Original face rig for Autodesk Maya was bought from Soukizero artist, combined with free Twin Blast character asset and adapted for use with Allright Animation Rig plugin.

Transform Tool Plugin that was made by Ilgar Lunin was used to move Allright Rig controllers in local space.