Allright Rig Beta 1.1 Released!

What’s new

Allright Rig is Free!

As promised earlier I stated that if I received enough funding I would make the system free. A huge thanks to Epic Games now everyone can enjoy the system! I have given you a source code as well. I believe it will help the system to grow, and like someone said, ” if you love something set it free”.

Face Rig

Now you can create a face rig using bones or morph targets. New SetMorphTarget node allows you to update morph targets in editor veiwport using animation blueprint. Rig asset is updated for auto face rigging as well.


Create in Fuse, skin with Mixamo, animate in Unreal

I have updated the rig asset for deeper mixamo pipeline integration. Now you can create characters in Adobe Fuse, skin them and add morph targets online on Mixamo page, import and animate in Unreal Engine using new MixamoRig asset. I have also made a MEL script to rig eyes for mixamo characters in maya for further use in Allright Rig.

Poseable mesh component has been removed

I have gotten rid of poseable mesh component because it is limited. I made poseable mesh component in the first stages and there is no need for it anymore.

All content in the plugin

I have put all content under the plugins’ folder, so now you can just copy the plugin in your engine or project plugins’ folder.

In what kind of projects would you like to use Allright Rig?






My name is Alexander Shatalov and I am a technical artist and 3D developer. My passion is to find new technical solutions for 3D artists to make their working process more comfortable and productive in Unreal Engine and Autodesk Maya using API or scripts.