Allright Rig 2.0.8 Released!

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Allright Rig 2.0.8  has been released for Unreal Engine 4.21, 4.22, 4.23.

Major Features

New: Generate ARR Anim Blueprint

Huge thank to Ilgar Lunin ! Now you can generate “Allright Rig” animation blueprint from skeleton using right mouse button context menu.

New: Controller Limits

New “Limits” structure lets you to limit controller location, rotation and scale.

Of course  you can set this parameter in Rig Tools window for every module and save it to preset.

Unfortunately right now you can not limit each rotation axis due to Unreal Engine quaternions. However you can lock the whole rotation of controller.

New: Controllers Prefix

Add prefix to all rig controllers.

Improvement: Force Rig Update

Sometimes, when you have very complicated rig with deep hierarchies and constraints you might notice delays on some controllers during playback or after baking animation to animation asset. “Force Update” property should fix those delays by running additional update iteration.

Overall tick system of the rig has been improved and now it is connected with constraints and animation offsets.

Release Notes


  • New: Limit controller location, rotation and scale.
  • New: Prefix for all rig controllers.

Rig Tools

  • New: Progress bar added for long procedures like baking etc.
  • Improvement: Support group positions for pose library.
  • Crash Fix: Crash when face rig is off and morph targets array is not empty or morph target controllers were ignored during creation of the rig.

Anim Tools

  • Crash Fix: Crash when saving level after deletion of the rig that has constraints.
  • Improvement: Constraints update system now connected to the rig update system in order to get rid of delays.
  • Crash Fix: Crash when drop actor without root component to the level.


  • New: Auto generate “Allright Rig” animation blueprint.
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