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4.2.7.Baking Animation #

Allright rig allows you to bake animation from an animation sequence to the rig and vise versa. You can find baking settings under the Bake category in Rig Tools window.

Bake To Anim Asset – bake current rig animation to an animation sequence.

Bake From Sequencer – bake sequencer skeletal mesh section animation to the rig.

Zero Root – if you want skeletal mesh actor pivot to be at origin during the baking process.

Update From Source – copy pose from source skeletal mesh for those bones and morph targets that are not used by the rig.

Show Source – show source skeletal mesh actor.

Delete Rig – if you want to delete current rig after baking animation to anim asset.

Update Source – if you want to add or update source skeletal mesh animation in sequencer after baking animation to anim asset.

Baking system always uses sequencer frame rate.

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