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4.1.Anim Blueprint #

Before creating the rig you need to make an Anim Blueprint Class for your character.

You can also retarget existing Allright Rig anim blueprint to your skeleton using right mouse button menu. Just  disable “Show Only Compatible Skeletons” if you don’t want to mess around with retargeting setup.

Automatic method (version 2.0.8):

Manual method.
1. Click r
ight mouse button on your skeletal mesh asset, go to  Create menu and choose Anim Blueprint.

It is faster to copy blueprint nodes from any anim blueprint in Examples project, however it is also not hard to setup anim blueprint from scratch.  Hope in future I will automate this procedure.

2. Open new animation blueprint. Go to Anim Graph and create Set Bones Transforms node.

3. Connect Set Bones Transforms to Final Animation Pose.

4. Drag left mouse button from Bones Transforms pin and choose Promote to variable.

Name of the variable does not matter, but let’s give it a simple name “BT” (abbreviation of “bones transforms”).

5. Go to Event Graph, drag execute pin from Event Blueprint Update Animation node and type rigmodular. Choose Cast To RigModular node.

You need to cast only to RigModular in order to get “BonesTransforms” variable!

6. Create Get Owning Actor node and connect it to Object pin of Cast To RigModular node.

7. Now drag left mouse button from As Rig Modular pin and choose Get Bones Transforms node.

8. Drag earlear created variable “BT” and choose Set.

pasted image 0 84

9. Connect execute pin from Cast To RigModular node and output pin from Get Bones Transforms node to “BT” variable.

pasted image 0 32

10. Press Compile.


Basic setup is done, but in order to use Update From Source feature you need to do steps 11 – 14.

11. Go back to Anim Graph, duplicate “Set Bones Transforms” node (Ctrl+w) and put it and connect before the existing node.

pasted image 0 110

12. Create another variable of type “BonesTransforms” and name it “SBT” (

Source Bones Transforms). Connect “SBT” variable to “Set Bones Transforms” node.

pasted image 0 55

13. Go back to Event Graph. Get “Source BT” variable from the “Cast To RigModular” node and assign it to “SBT” variable.

pasted image 0 102

14. Compile blueprint again. Now you will be able to use “Update From Source” feature.

You can still use other nodes to adjust this anim blueprint.

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