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Eyelids Settings represent settings for eyes rig:

Eyelids – create eyelids controllers.

Left Upper Eyelid – name of left upper eyelid bone.

Right Upper Eyelid – name of right upper eyelid bone.

Left Lower Eyelid – name of left lower eyelid bone.

Right Lower Eyelid – name of right lower eyelid bone.

Eyelids Ctrl Shape – shape of eyelids controllers.

Eyelids Ctrl Size – size of eyelids controllers.

Eyelids Controllers Position – position for left eyelids controllers. Right controllers position will be mirrored.

1. Set following eyelids properties:

Left Upper EyelideyelidUpper_left
Right Upper EyelideyelidUpper_right
Left Lower EyelideyelidLower_left
Right Lower Eyelid eyelidLower_right

2. Recreate rig.

pasted image 0 73

Eyelids are half driven by rotation of eyes and full driven by eyelids controllers.


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