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Fk Hierarchy Rigs is array of FkHierarchyData structures that allows to drive bone chain using hierarchy of controllers. Controllers orientation will be the same as corresponding bones.

1. Add new element to Fk Hierarchy Rigs array.

Hierarchy Depth – number of bones to rig in chain starting from Tip Bone as 0.

Tip Bone – name of tip bone in chain.

Parent Controller – name of the controllers that this controllers will be attached to.

Shape – appearance of controller.

Follow Parent Property – adds “Follow Parent” property to the root Fk Hierarchy controller. This property will add a possibility to interpolate between parent controller rotation and world.

2. We are going to create hierarchy from 2 controllers for neck and head bones and parent it to spine_03Ik controller.

Set Fk Hierarchy Rigs Element 0 properties:

Hierarchy Depth1
Tip Bonehead
Parent Controllerspine_03Ik
Follow Parent Propertytrue

3. Select character and press Rig button. You should see 2 controllers for neck and head.


4. Select neck_01Fk controller and and play with Follow Parent property in Details. You will see difference of you will rotate spine_03Ik controller.

5. Select any Controller and press DeleteRig button.

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