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Fk Ik Rigs is array of FkIkData structures that allows to drive 3 or 4 bone limbs using TwoBoneIk or ThreeBoneIk solvers and Fk Hierarchy Rig with Fk/Ik blending and Fk/Ik snapping.  In addition system has settings and controllers for fingers and toe. Ik controller will be oriented to world (with offset if there is a bone to aim to). Fk controllers orientation will be the same as corresponding bones.

Arm – is it arm or leg? It is necessary to know for controllers orientation.

Three Bone Ik – if unchecked system will use TwoBoneIk solver to drive 3-bone limb. If checked system will use ThreeBoneIk solver to drive 4-bone limb (for quadruped back leg).

Pole Vector Simple – use simple algorithm to find pole vector location. If your characters arms or legs are absolutely straight in the reference pose, it is impossible to calculate pole vector location. Simple pole vector mode sets modified middle bone position.

Tip Bone – name of limb tip bone.

Parent Controller – name of the controllers that this controllers will be attached to.

AimIk To Middle Finger – orient Ik controller to look at middle finger if there is one. Requires Middle Finger name.

Middle Finger – name of the middle finger or toe bone.

Fk Shape – shape of Fk controllers.

Fk Size – size of Fk controllers.

Fk Color – color of Fk controllers.

Ik Shape – shape of Ik controller.

Pv Shape – shape of pole vector controller.

Ik Size – size of Ik controllers.

Pv Pose Mult – multiply distance of pole vector controller.

Attach Pv to Ik – attach pole vector controller to ik controller.

Ik Color – color of Ik controllers.

Fingers – create fingers.

Fingers Data – custom structure that handles settings for fingers controllers.

Fingers Tip Bones – array of all limb fingers tip bone names.

Phalanx Num – number of phalanx in finger.

Size – size of finger controllers (color and shape is the same as for Fk Hierarchy)

Parent to Middle Finger – parent finger controllers to middle finger (for toes)

If your character has 5 fingers and 3 phalanx, set tip bone names in following order:


Additional finger properties will be available in FkIk controller.

If your character has fingers with different amount of phalanx you can create some of fingers using Fk Hierarchy Rigs array.

Foot Controllers  – create foot controllers. Requires Middle Finger name.

Foot Controllers Data – custom structure that handles settings for additional foot roll properties.

In order to use additional foot roll properties you need toe and heel sockets/bones.

For more details on how to add sockets please visit Skeletal Mesh Sockets page in unreal engine documentation.

Toe Socket – socket name to get position for toe rotation pivot.


Heel Socket – socket name to get position for heel rotation pivot.


Size – size of toe controller (color and shape is the same as for Fk Hierarchy)

First/Second/Third Twist Bones – arrays of twist bone names for first/second/third bone in limb hierarchy.

pasted image 0 86

Here you need to set twist bones in top down order depending from skinning.


The order here does not depend on hierarchy structure or bones positions, but it depends on how bones influence skin.

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