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Also, you can bake animation from animation sequence to the rig.

1. Select any controller and press DeleteRig button.

pasted image 0 56

If current rig has any animation in any level sequence, “Check Sequencers” window will appear.

1.1. Click on Delete Rig. Another window should appear:

Here you can choose if you want to delete animation or keep it after the rig was deleted.

Delete Animation Data – delete rig with all controller bindings.

Keep Animation Data – delete rig but keep controller bindings.

It might be useful to keep animation after the rig was deleted in case if you need to edit the rig after the animation was created. You can create rig again and fix binding references using default sequencer command:

You may also need to save map and sequencer and reopen them in order to use this command.

1.2. Click Delete Animation Data.

2. Add boy_SKELMESH actor to the level sequence.

pasted image 0 69

3. Add one or few animation sequences to boy_SKELMESH animation track.

pasted image 0 4

On how to work with animation tracks please visit unreal engine Animation & Animation Blending documentation page.

4. Set sequencer playback range to work with.

pasted image 0 51

5. Select boy_SKELMESH actor, make sure that current sequencer window is opened and press BakeFromSequencer button.

pasted image 0 9

In a few moments skeletal mesh animation should be baked to the rig.

pasted image 0 94

Now you can edit animation, bake it to an animation sequence and vise versa.

You can use Anim Offset category from Sequencer Tools window in order to create animation layers.

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