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You can play final animation using the rig, but you can also save it to an animation sequence.

1. Create new level and add boy_SKELMESH to the scene.

pasted image 0 14

2. Create rig using KiteRig preset.

pasted image 0 59

3. Create new level sequence

     pasted image 0 71

4. Open level sequence, select any controller and press “s” button.

pasted image 0 31

5. In sequencer go to any other frame, move controller and press “s” button again.

pasted image 0 97

6. Set sequencer playback range to current animation length.

pasted image 0 79

7. Select any rig controller, make sure that current sequencer window is opened and press BakeToAnimAsset button.

pasted image 0 43


8. Select path for new animation sequence, type animation name and press OK button. You can not overwrite existing animations.

pasted image 0 76

New animation sequence should appear under selected folder.

pasted image 0 18

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