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1. Create new level and add boy_SKELMESH to the scene.

pasted image 0 66

You can find boy_SKELMESH asset under Examples/Characters/KiteDemo folder in Examples project.

2. Open new instance of Rig Tools window and set Anim Class to boy_AnimBlueprint.

3. Add new element to Custom Controllers array and set Bone Name to head.

4. Select boy_SKELMESH actor and create rig.

pasted image 0 1

We will use this controller to attach face rig to it.

5. Under Face Rig Data set following properties:

Head Bonehead
Head ControllerheadCtrl

6. Recreate rig.

pasted image 0 67

This square represents area for facial controllers. Facial controllers will be attached to it.

7. Set Face Table Offset transform to something like this:

pasted image 0 27

8. Recreate rig.

pasted image 0 85

Yellow square should appear on the right side of the head.

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