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1. Add new element to Fk Ik Rigs array.

2. To rig left leg set Fk Ik Rig properties:

Tip Bonefoot_l
Parent ControllerpelvisIk
Middle Fingerball_l
Aim Ik To Middle Fingertrue
Foot Controllerstrue

Foot Controllers Data: 

Toe SocketLeftToeSocket
Heel SocketLeftHeelSocket

On how to create Foot Sockets please visit Fk Ik Rigs page.

First Twist Bones:


Second Twist Bones:


3. Create Rig and select foot_lFkIk Controller.

Under Foot category there are following properties:

Enable Foot – enable additional Ik foot controllers.

Foot Roll – foot roll.

Toe Roll – toe roll.

Heel Twist – twist leg around heel.

Toe Twist – twist leg around toe.

4. Repeat the same iterations for the right leg.

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