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Morph Controllers is array of settings for morph controllers.

Name – controller name for comfort. Does not effect on anything.

Transform – local controller position in face table.

Shape – controller shape settings.

MorphTargets – array of morph targets to use. You can move morph controller on X and Z axis. So here you need to specify what morph targets (0, 1, 2, 3) will your controller activate when you move it on the +X, -X, +Z or -Z axis. You can also add 4, 5, 6, 7 morph names if there few geometry shapes that share one morph deformation. For example face geometry and eyebrows geometry.

1. Add new element to Morph Controllers array and set following parameters:

pasted image 0 33

Transform Location2.5, 0, -3
Morph Targets[0]head_mesh_mouth_sharpCornerPull_L
Morph Targets[1]head_mesh_mouth_right
Morph Targets[2]head_mesh_mouth_cornerPull_left
Morph Targets[3]head_mesh_mouth_cornerDepress_L

2. Recreate rig.

pasted image 0 95

3. Load KiteFaceRig preset for reference.

pasted image 0 46

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