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5.6.RigModular Class #

Rig Modular class handles all rig logic.

It is based on  SkeletalMeshActor and has ShouldTickIfViewportsOnly enabled in order to tick in editor.

You can create your custom  Rig Modular based blueprint and use it in Rig Tools window.

In RigModular actor details under RigModular category there are following variables:

Tick In Editor – update rig (in editor and in game). This property is being set to true, right after the rig was successfully created.

Update If In Frustum Only – update rig only if we can see rig actor.

In Frustum – can we see the rig actor?

Bones Transforms – resulting array of bone names and their transforms after rig calculations.

Source BT – array of bone names and their transforms that needs to be taken from Source Actor animation if Update From Source is checked

Modular Rig Data – rig settings

Face Rig Data – face rig settings

Post Parent Controllers – additional parent controllers data

Post Create Constraints Data – create constraints after creation of the rig

Source Actor – source skeletal mesh actor reference

Isolate Selected – isolate selected controllers mode

Mesh Physics Asset – skeletal mesh physics asset

In Event Graph of RigModular based blueprint class you can use following CallInEditor Events:

Event Post Create Rig – runs right after the rig was created.

Event Editor Tick – runs right after the rig was updated.

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