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Custom Controllers is array of Custom Controllers Data structures that allows you to set properties for controllers that will transform only one bone per controller. By default controller orientations will be the same as corresponding bones or you can choose world orientation.

1. Add new element to Custom Controllers array.

Bone Name is the name of the bone that this controller will drive. Controller will appear on this bone position.

Parent Controller is the name of the controller that this controller will be attached to.

Update property defines if controller should update bone transform. You may need to uncheck it if you want to create controller only in order to parent another controllers to it.

World Orientation defines if controller will be oriented to world. If this property unchecked controller orientation will be the same as bone orientation.

Shape is a custom structure that defines appearance of controller.

Shape is reference to static mesh. By default it is set to SM_Sphere static mesh from plugin content folder. Defines shape of controller.

Color – controller color.

Size – size of controller.

2. We do not need this controller to update pelvis bone. We need this controller to attach spine controllers to it.

Set Custom Controllers Element 0 properties:

Bone Namepelvis
World Orientationtrue

3. Select character and press Rig button.

Now you should see that controller appeared in pelvis location.

4. Select pelvis controller and copy its name. It should be PelvisCtrl.


You can recreate rig at any time to look for controller name for Parent Controller property.

5. Select any Controller and press DeleteRig button.

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