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4.2.2.Modular Rig Data #

Modular Rig Data is a custom structure that handles all modules data.

Main Shape settings are used to adjust main controller shape. All other controllers will be attached to this controller.

Custom Controllers is array of CustomControllersData structures that allows you to create controllers that will transform only one bone per controller.

Spline Ik Rigs is array of SplineIkData structures that allows you to create spline Ik rig for bone chains.

Fk Hierarchy Rigs is array of FkHierarchyData structures that allows to drive bone chain using hierarchy of controllers.

Fk Ik Rigs is array of FkIkData structures that allows to drive 3 or 4 bone limbs using TwoBoneIk or ThreeBoneIk solvers and Fk Hierarchy Rig with Fk/Ik blending and Fk/Ik snapping.  In addition system has settings and controllers for fingers and toe.

Zero Root if this property is checked, skeletal mesh actor transform will be always in origin. It is important for baking animation.

 You can add any amount of this rig modules to any parts of your character.

At first you may find process of creating modular rig pretty bulky but you need to make it only once for your character and save it to a preset.

Most of the properties are not case sensitive, however it is better to preserve uppercase or lowercase for all properties.

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