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Spline Ik Rigs is array of Spline Ik Rig Data structures that allows you to create spline Ik rig for bone chains. Root and tip controllers orientation will be the same as corresponding bones, middle controller will be oriented to look at tip controller by default.

1. Add new element to Spline Ik Rigs array.

Root Bone is the name of the first bone in chain.

Tip Bone is the name of the last bone in chain.

Parent Controller is the name of the controllers that this controllers will be attached to.

Shape defines appearance of controller.

Mid Parent – amount of influence of tip and root controllers on middle controller position.

MidLerp – proportion of influence of tip and root controllers on middle controller position.

Curvature – curvature of Ik curve

Solve Ends – solve tangents on curve ends

Fk Mode – switch spline Ik to Fk mode. Controllers will behave like simple Fk hierarchy.

Root Orientation – weather tip controller orientation will be set from root or tip bone. Be default root and mid controllers have root bone orientation.

2. Set Spline Ik Rigs Element 0 properties:

Root Bonepelvis
Tip Bonespine_03
Parent ControllerpelvisCtrl

3. Select character and press Rig button.

You should see 3 controllers on character spine. Try to move, rotate and scale them.


4. Select PelvisIk and go to the Details panel. Under Spline Ik category you can find Spline Ik solver settings described earlier.


5. Select upper spline Ik controller and copy its name. It should be spine_03Ik.

Spine 03Ik

6. Select any Controller and press DeleteRig button.

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