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1. In Allright Rig Examples project go to Examples/Characters/Dragon folder and add Dragon skeletal mesh to the scene.

pasted image 0 41

2. Open new instance of Rig Tools window.

pasted image 0 104

3. Set Anim Class property to Dragon_Skeleton_AnimBlueprint.

4. Set Size of Main Shape to 15 and create rig.

pasted image 0 106

5. Add new element to Fk Ik Rigs array and set following properties:

pasted image 0 37

Three Bone Iktrue
Tip BoneAnkle_L
Parent ControllerpelvisIk
Middle FingerToes_L
Pv Pos Mult60
Attach Pv to Iktrue
Foot Controllerstrue

pasted image 0 35

Fingers Data->Fingers Tip Bones:


Parent to Middle Fingertrue

Foot Controllers Data:

Toe SocketToes_LSocketFront
Heel SocketToes_LSocketBack

6. Recreate rig.

pasted image 0 15

7. Load DragonRig preset and recreate rig.

pasted image 0 12

You can use different combinations of modules for different parts of your character.

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