Allright Rig Was Submitted To Unreal Engine Marketplace!

It has been almost three years since I have had the goal of putting Allright Rig on the Unreal Engine marketplace. I’m very happy to announce that the final step was made! Thank you to Epic Games, my Early Access clients and everyone who supported me and encouraged me throughout this entire process! Special thank to Egor Tomskiy, Ilgar Lunin, Lina Halper and my wonderful wife Jessie!

Let’s hope that approval will not take too long!

Allright Rig 2.0.5 Released!

  • Added: Bake all anim instance (morph target and material) curves to anim asset.
  • Added: “Simplify Curve” filter – removes redundant keys from curve depending on tolerance value.
  • Added: Update all sequencer subsequence tracks during baking animation to anim asset.
  • Added: “OnUpdateRig” event for RigModular class. Runs right after the rig was updated (runs during baking process as well).

  • Added: “AddCurveValue” function – lets you set morph or material values, that can be updated and baked in “ModularRig” class.

  • Added: Refresh presets list after reopening “RigTools” window.
  • Added: Optimize (simplify and remove static) float curves after baking to anim asset.
  • Fixed: Bake morph target animation to anim asset in UE 4.20.
  • Fixed: Duplicated “Select” buttons in “Anim Tools” window.

Allright Rig Example Project Released!

Download Examples Project For UE 4.20

Allright Rig 2.0.4 Released!

  • Added: Plugin version for Unreal Engine 4.20.
  • Added: PostBakeFromSequencer and PostBakeToAnim events for RigModular class. This events run right after baking.

  • Fixed: Mocap tools window name changed to Sequencer Tools.

  • Fixed: Mirror function on Paste Animation command.
  • Fixed: Ik stretching is enabled by default.


Allright Rig 2.0.3 Released!

  • Added! EditorTick event that can tick in editor and add PostCreateRig event that runs right after the rig was created for blueprint scripting.

  • Added! Pose library.
  • Added! RootOrientation property lets you to choose whether tip controller orientation will be set from root or tip bone.
  • Added! Remove static curves, sections, bindings from sequncer.

  • Added! Dockable windows.
  • Added! Additional parent controllers data. Parent controllers after the rig creation.
  • Added! Create constraints for controllers after the rig was created.
  • Added! Copy Paste animation for multiple actors.
  • Added! Follow parent controller for Fk Hierarchy module
  • Added! Pole vector debug lines.
  • Fixed! Sometimes you may accidentally create more then one rig for one character.
  • Fixed! When limb bone orientation doesn’t have axis that looks right into the next bone iy is broken.
  • Fixed! Bones indexes are messed up in anim BP SetBonesTransforms node on LOD change.


Transform Tool Plugin

Check out this amazing plugin made by Ilgar Lunin!

It gives you all common transformation possibilities that most of 3D programs have such as: arcball rotation mode, duplicate with transform, object space transformations, preserve child transforms and many more!

Remove static curves

If you want to remove static curves for selected actors or for all bindings in sequencer you can use “Remove Static Curves” feature.

Remove Static Curves – remove transform section curve if all keys in this curve have same values.

Remove Static Bindings – if all curves in binding are static, then binding will also be removed.

For Selected Actors – work with selected actors only or with all bindings in sequencer.