Allright Rig 2.0 Early Access

I promised earlier that the system will be on the marketplace before New Year, but I still have some work to do on documentation, tutorials and business setup. So by popular demand of all my precious users, who can not wait anymore I have made a decision to start selling the system without full documentation.

One more time: this is an early access for those users who need the system to continue working on their projects. So in order to not be dissapointed, that you do not understand something, I would rather suggest you to wait for the marketplace release, which I belive will happen before the March 2018, but it depends on many things.

You can purchase an early acces on the rig page.

My name is Alexander Shatalov and I am a technical artist and 3D developer. My passion is to find new technical solutions for 3D artists to make their working process more comfortable and productive in Unreal Engine and Autodesk Maya using API or scripts.