Hey, my first and precious customers from 2016!


On August/September 2016 you bought Allright Rig Beta Pro and were first people who believed in me and gave me the first funding before the Epic Games grant. After the grant and release of free beta I have suggested to give you the money back. Some of you took the money back, but some of you did not. The system was very raw at this stage and costed 60$. I promised that those people who will buy this beta will get the final release (that will cost 100$) for free.

So I am excited to tell you that the time has come!

I have sent you an e-mail from sell@alexallright.com. Please unswer and I will give you the download link with a great pleasure!

My name is Alexander Shatalov and I am a technical artist and 3D developer. My passion is to find new technical solutions for 3D artists to make their working process more comfortable and productive in Unreal Engine and Autodesk Maya using API or scripts.